Angeles liked to bring up ‘finding results’ for art, and I was looking through some work of a design group I really love, and found they did a little bit on how they came up with some enemy designs for a videogame they made. Thought it was interesting, and could possibly serve as a start for clothing styles for our fashion artists? It’s a neat method.

Creature designs 1 and 2.

Another thing they plugged was a program called Alchemy, which is intended to be used as a conceptual start with lots of random influences. It’s kind of odd, but interesting to play with. Very very abstract results, but that could be a good start for something!

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A/C comic

Felt the need to make a post with this comic, as it does a very large play on text integration. A/C is made by the same artist that makes Trying Human. I’m uploading a page that shows the text play strongly, but you can read what’s been made so far over here (link).

A/C page 14

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Yay Typography!!!!!!!!1111!!!!

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Experimental Typography

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Experimental Typography

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Erica’s Typography Examples

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